In the Skype Studio: Creative crowd-funding

Such an amazing interview with a group of amazing people.

TED Blog

At TED2013, Amanda Palmer gave a talk called “The art of asking” about her experience funding an album on Kickstarter; it quickly went viral on A year later, Palmer was back for a panel at TED2014 covering crowd-funding creative projects. She was joined live by her husband, writer Neil Gaiman, and Kickstarter cofounder Yancey Strickler, and through Skype by game developer Tim Schafer, Veronica Mars associate producer Ivan Askwith, Cards against Humanity designer Max Temkin, and musician Frank Bell.

In 2012, when Palmer ran her Kickstarter project, she received considerable backlash (hence the talk). But two years on, crowd-funding for creative projects has become commonplace and popular. Notably, the fans of the television series Veronica Mars, cancelled in 2007, successfully raised over $5 million for a sequel film. Sounds great, but creative crowd-funding comes with its own unique set of challenges, for artists as well as…

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